Summer in Buttercup

NEW Summer in Buttercup jpg

Summer time and the living is easy.  Well, everywhere except the small prairie town of Buttercup that is.  Something is always afoot in this fictional Canadian village.

Whether it’s the octogenarians nabbing burglars or a simple winery tour turning into a gong show, if you want to enjoy lovely, sweet, funny stories that will make you laugh and take your mind off your troubles, you can find it all here in the new short story collection entitled “Summer in Buttercup” by Pamela Kenney.

Included in this collection are: The Shadowy World of the Buttercup Knitting Club and The Honey Trap.

So escape for a laugh today with this hilarious new collection of short stories.

Available now on Kobo.  Just click here to be sent to the correct page on their website.