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Imagine what your life would be like if you could leave the stresses of modern life behind by escaping into the many wonderful worlds of fiction.

If you like action crime novels, I have the Diamond series of books where you can follow the hilarious antics of Vivian Fraser, jewel thief extraordinaire.

If you like short stories, I have the Buttercup series of books where you can escape to the lovely small town of Buttercup where friendship and laughter are never in short supply.


Hi there!  My name is Pamela Kenney.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website.

I have been writing for years and in all that time, a common thread in my work has been humour, which I find so powerful in helping a person through the bad times and making the good times even better.

My humourous non-fiction essays have appeared in many newspapers including the Globe and Mail. My short stories have won numerous national awards.  Even my crime fiction novellas have a humourous side.

So when I decided to start my publishing journey, I began with a collection of humourous short stories and I was thrilled with the reaction that I got from readers!

Some of the reviews are listed here.

It has been so wonderful to get such positive feedback about my writing.

I found people would always ask:  Do you have any longer books?

So I decided to write a crime fiction series featuring Vivian Fraser, jewel thief extraordinaire. 

These books are fast paced and funny and in a longer format.

So far I have three novella length books in the Diamond series

(which you can find out all about here!)


People always ask me where did Buttercup come from and I tell them it all started when I was living in a big city with it’s loud noise and sirens and pollution.  Since I couldn’t move away from the city, I decided to create a lovely, quiet, peaceful small town and fill it with wonderful people I would want to spend time with and I called it Buttercup.

If you like to read novels instead of short stories, I have the Diamond book series featuring Vivian Fraser, jewel thief extraordinaire.   If you like your action crime novels to be fast paced and have a lot of humour then this series will really tickle your fancy.  “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Motive” is the first book in the series  and “Diamond Solitaire” is the second while “Diamond Head” rounds out the trilogy.  There will be more Diamond books in the future so stay tuned for that!

All books are available now on Kobo!

So check back often and escape with my books!

If you want to get in touch with me, just send me an email to:

Take care and thanks again for visiting my website!