Tales from Buttercup

Long before a reality show by the name of “The Bachelor” appeared on television, the good citizens of Buttercup, population 510, were called upon to perform their own particular version of the show.  You see it came to be known to the general population that the bachelor Ernest Matthews had finally asked Lillian Hepple out on a date.

So begins the first story in the short story collection entitled:

Tales from Buttercup

Imagine a wonderful place where people are friendly and actually care about each other just as small towns used to be like years ago.

Now it is easy to escape the stresses of modern life in the big city because the small town of Buttercup is full of wonderful people and charming escapades, where not much has changed in decades and people like it that way.


Stories included in “Tales from Buttercup” are:

Dating in a Small Town and Other Hazards

Coffee Break

The Troublemaker from Buttercup

Not So Secret Life of Dave the Accountant

The Shadowy World of the Buttercup Knitting Club

The Buttercup Winery Tour

Don’t Mess with Grandma Stickley

Treasure Map of Buttercup


And just to give you an idea of what the stories are like, here is a free excerpt from the first story entitled “Dating in a Small Town”

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