Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I see your books are published on Kobo.  I don’t have a Kobo ereader.  Can I still read your books?

A:  Yes you can.  All you have to do is download a Kobo app onto whatever device you like.  For example I have downloaded the Kobo app onto my IPod.  It works really well and the app is totally free!

Other people I know have downloaded the app onto their Mac desktop.  It also works on PCs and Android devices.  You can find out all about it here on Kobo.

Q: Did I see your writing in the Globe and Mail?

A: Yes!  I am so excited! They published a humourous essay that I wrote.

Q: Help!  You have so many books…how do I navigate through them all?

A: Thank you so much for your question!  There are short story collections in the Buttercup series and crime mystery novels in the Diamond series.

The Buttercup series consists of three different short story collections .

  • “Crime in Buttercup” has three of the funniest crime stories from Buttercup so far.
  • “Romance in Buttercup” has three of the most romantic stories from Buttercup so far.
  • “Tales from Buttercup” is a ten story collection.
  • “More Tales from Buttercup” is a five story collection.

The Diamond books are a series of crime mystery novels about Vivian Fraser, jewel thief extraordinaire.

  • The first book  in the series is “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Motive”.
  • The second book is “Diamond Solitaire”.
  • The third book is “Diamond Head”.

And finally there is always FREE STUFF available for a limited time only (and only through this website)  so you should check back often to see what is available.

Q: Do I have to read the Buttercup stories in order?

A: Most of the stories in the Buttercup series are stand alone so they don’t have to be read in order.  A lot of the characters however appear in many different stories so you will see names and places you recognize pop up in various situations.

Q: What are the Diamond Books?

A: My Diamond Books feature jewel thief extraordinaire, Vivian Fraser,  who wreaks havoc on the bad guys (and cops) she deals with on a daily basis.

The first book in the series is called “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Motive”. 

The second book in the series is called “Diamond Solitaire”. 

The third book in the series is called “Diamond Head”.

Q: Will there be more Diamond books?

A: Yes there will!   And thank you so much for asking!  (I’m glad you like them!)

So enjoy my books and thank you so much for the questions!