Imagine what your life would be like if you could leave the stresses of modern life behind by escaping into many wonderful worlds of fiction.

If you like action crime novels, I have the Diamond series of books where you can follow the hilarious antics of Vivian Fraser, jewel thief extraordinaire.

If you like humourous short stories, I have the Buttercup series of books where you can escape to the lovely small town of Buttercup where friendship and laughter are never in short supply.

Below are all the books that I have written and published.  Just click on a book cover and you will be directed to more information about that particular book.

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Diamond Books

(for people who like mystery/crime fiction novels with some humour for good measure)

DM new new cover    diamond-solitaire-cover-2    Diamond Head cover 2

Buttercup Books

(for the short story lover who likes humour and romance and quite a few hijinks)

BC tales    BC valentines    BC more tales

All books are available on Kobo.

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